by Venkat

With the book of life
Tucked under my mind
In the night’s shadows
My thoughts rewound
Into sounds of my past
A waltz buried beneath
In soft depths of nature

As my eyes sifted through
Stepped by woven lessons
Bold, brazen, abstruse
Of fear in love
Ice around fire
Of neglect around passion
Sand in water

Truth flew as a bat
In the darkened life
Fluttering wings
In quiet composure
Hanging for a moment
Before another flight
Across vagaries of life

The magic of life
In embraced difference
Without stepping down
Two sharp realities
On the same plate
As pancakes
In colors differ

Truth of co-existence
Of fear and love
Lies on the same base
Of opposing poles
Standing firm
On the same root
As Mother Earth

4 Comments to “Co-existence”

  1. Absolutely. Nice thoughts and well composed.
    Good and Evil goes together and inseparable, so also, fear and love.

  2. Polarity Theory says when overwhelmed by the One, we fly to the Other: our lives forming a butterfly in their flight . . . Nice, Venkat! Blessings . . .

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