Smells of Smoke

by sc0pic

An elevator
A parking garage
For the beach

Broken glass
Broken birds
Corrugated floor

Smells of smoke
The kind that only
Surrounds the homeless

Smells of blood
The kind that only
Accompany sorrow

Events of the night
Washed clean
By the tide

But not lost
Rather preserved
In a box

Events of a life
Starting strong
Decay into this

But not lost
Rather preserved
Under a shell

Torrents of voices
Existential dream
Unforgiving torment

Cardboard, tarpaulin, Army jacket, Voices, barrel fires, rain, concrete, loose change

Sorting, counting
Making sense
The looks, the looks, the looks

A thousand miles East
Sits in a diner
Scribbling lists

A thousand miles North
Pushes a cart
Collects the discarded

A thousand miles South
Writes number on walls
Stands with signs

Right beside you
Right behind you
Right inside you

And of the vices,
Cause or solution
Provide excuses

And of the illness,
Cause or solution
Goes untreated


4 Comments to “Smells of Smoke”

  1. Very well done! Thanks . . .

  2. Thank you. Glad you liked it.

  3. Thanks Harry

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