Of space and time

by Harry

Posted for Rhona

What is time , is not time eternal
without beginning or end
merely empty space
the invisible path on which we travel
the mirror in which we constantly see
the reflection of our face?

What is it that separates time
is it not just evening and morning
the sun that gives light to the day
and the moon that gives light to the night
forever a light ,that is constantly shining
in a distant place, burning bright ?

Is it love that surrounds time
or does time surround love
how can the heart ever be sure
can anyone show me what love is
encircle my heart and show me the way
there can only be one door?

I gather my possessions
and choose to walk the path of love
there is a stillness on that path
like the stillness in the heavens
I am led only, by the beating of another heart
my possession is love

Outside the gates of love , far and wide
the distant place where true love rests
though separated by time
love most certainly gathers love together
for all eternity
be it in this life, or the next

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