Do You Know How Much I Loved You?

by Emily Page

Do you know how much I loved you?
Do you know that I still care?
Do you feel the same connection
That I think we truly share?

These separate lives we’re living
Will they ever become one?
I let you think you’re just a friend
It isn’t any fun.

I feel our destinies are shared
I’m alive when I’m with you
Will I ever get to ask you
If you feel the same way too?

I think of you on waking
Dream of you as I sleep,
The opportunities I missed
Enough to make me weep.

What should I do with all this love
If you indeed don’t need it?
One look from you, sets me on fire
Your touch does more to feed it.

Thoughts of you are with me
As I go about my day
This ache I feel inside me
Will it ever go away?

© Emily Page

9 Comments to “Do You Know How Much I Loved You?”

  1. Powerful and haunting! The last line echoed in my mind.

  2. Excellent poetry…very poignant and meaningful to me. thank you

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