by fivemsteps

The years leafed by with me in disbelief,
of times and moments shared which seemed so brief.
The sands too eager in its glass perchance,
and gave no care to our circumstance,
that when the last grain drops there’s naught but grief.

When time did come, at first I only clung,
to lingerings of silence since we’ve sung.
I waited for the beauty you might speak,
but what I heard from you then made me shriek.
So often is the fate from fickle tongues.

The garden, down I went that final night
to make forever known to you my spite.
The rosebuds disappeared to smoking wisps.
The basil plants of yours were kindling crisps.
With wrath, I torched what all we grew alight.

And after staring at that dying fire,
I lied upon the embers as a pyre
to wait the passing of my luminance,
and give myself to shrouding somnolence,
away from thoughts and passions once were dire.

When waking with the memories I charred,
I sifted through the pieces and the shards,
collecting ashen remnants still intact
and peeling off the husks to thus extract,
remembrance of a lover’s zeal unmarred.

And through the many years which will ensue,
we neither are allowed to pick nor choose
what things give us meaning in life.
But still in you and all of our strife
I found the true immemorial muse.

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