What makes a Brilliant Carcass?


No amount of concealer

Will hide the bruises

No foundation

Will quite cover the pain

No red lipstick

Will match the blood

Dripping from inside


In the asylum of mind

There are battered walls

Punctured by screams

Cracks on the windows

Mirror the scars

That will never heal

They are wounds

No one will see or hear


Saints and Sinners

All gather together

Like dearly beloved

To partake in this

Daily madness

Curated by

The “Fashion Police”

Do I look pretty today?

Am I finally thin enough?

Will this make me desirable?

Should I let him touch me?

What are they staring at?

Why are they shaming me?

Can I go and kill myself now?


Behind closed doors

I kick and scratch

Etching the panels

With insane wails

Desperately seeking

Any which way out

Before I turn into

This brilliant carcass of a girl. 

~ smt

Pic from Lovingyourselfuniversity.com

Pic from Lovingyourselfuniversity.com


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