Nostalgia revisited

by Devina

(The sky at 5:30 this morning, or somewhere thereabouts)

Skipping over puddles,

They vibrated with our giggles

Slam dunks in waste baskets

Crunchy sound of wheels on gravel,

On a cold wind blown night

A stare-down with the freelance tomcat

Occupied rainy days

Reading under the blanket

Rising up early to watch Micky Mouse

Those were the hours when I alone roamed the house

The world was mine

She was my wooden horse

Galloping away into the uncertain yonder

With that timeless echo of childish fearlessness

Way back then when the sky spoke to me

In code of endless blues and grays and unicorn gaiety

© Devina S.


3 Comments to “Nostalgia revisited”

  1. Hi Devina, did you know you have two poems in drafts ready to post.

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