Flying Free

by Morgan

Flying Free
In the Clouds as the Sun Shall Rise
Into the Breeze, my Spirit Flies,
Like a Falcon, Sharp and Steep,
Hovering O’er the Secrets I Keep,
Past the Winsome Moon as she Smiles,
Through the Rainbow as she Beguiles,
My Spirit Dances Upon the Skies,
Leaving me Breathless with giddy Sighs,
As Up into the Clear Cosmos I Float,
Where Heaven’s Angels Wait and Dote
Upon my Every Care, Touching with Joy,
Gentle Wisdom to Employ
While I Dream of Flying Free
And My Spirit Releases the Turmoil in Me.

Inspired by the Beautiful Poem “Dreamscape” by Richard Dankers found at :

Beautiful Photograph found at :

7 Comments to “Flying Free”

  1. You’re a wordsmith of the highest order, Morgan. That last line packs a wallop.

  2. Morgan morgan, I’d change the word “o’re” to “o’er” and it would be a perfect poem! nice . . .

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