What’s The Best Pet for a Girl When She’s Four?

by PookyH

Life was exciting for a girl named Ellie,
She was planning a party with cake cards and jelly,
In a very short time she was going to be four,
She was excited about not being three anymore.
The party aside she had reason to smile,
You see she’d been asking her Mum for a while,
If she could have a pet, but Mum always said no,
But for her fourth birthday Mum promised to go
To the pet shop with Ellie and buy her a pet,
Now the big question was about which pet to get.
Can I please get an ant? Ellie questioned her Mum.
They build little tunnels, to watch would be fun!
But then Ellie changed her mind, for the first time of many
And she said to her Mum – do you think they’d have any
Snails in the pet shop, a snail would be ace!
I could teach him to go fast and have a snail race!
Then Ellie thought some more and decided in fact,
That the most perfect pet would be an astute fluffy rat,
She would tickle his whiskers and he’d sit on her shoulder,
And they’d remain friends even as she grew older,
But then she decided that a cute guinea pig,
With brown patches of fur who would live in a big
Cage full of sawdust would make the best pet.
Yes, she decided, and she was all set,
Until she remembered some cute fluffy bunnies,
She’d seen at a friend’s house – so friendly and funny,
But then so were the kittens she’d seen in a shop,
Even if, unlike bunnies, they didn’t sniff much or hop,
But a wallaby would, so maybe that was the thing,
But then Ellie wondered if her pet should have wings.
She considered a penguin, an owl and an hawk,
Or a blue and green parrot she could teach how to talk,
And then she considered a dog on a lead,
It would be lovely to walk and quite easy to feed,
Compared to some of the pets she’d considered,
Dog food in cans can be ordered and delivered,
Unlike little live mice which she’d need for an owl,
And she’d feel sad if they got eaten, she thought with a howl,
Ellie wanted a dog. No! she wanted a horse!
A horse! She considered, a horse, yes of course!
I could ride it to nursery and all-round the house,
And unlike my owl it would not eat my mouse.
Yes a horse she decided, but they’re not great to cuddle,
And yet again Ellie was in quite in a muddle,
The best pet to cuddle would be a big bear,
But he’d be rather messy – those big paws! All that hair!
She thought of an elephant, a lion, a gazelle,
A white spotted leopard and a sea lion as well.
She kept thinking and thinking and thinking some more,
What’s the best pet for a girl when she’s four?
She talked to her Mum who was full of advice,
And rather in favour of something fluffy and nice,
Then Ellie had a brainwave and she knew just what to do,
She’d not get a pet, she’d get tickets for the zoo!

What's the Best Kind of Pet for Girl When She's Four - a poem by Pooky


2 Comments to “What’s The Best Pet for a Girl When She’s Four?”

  1. wonderful and I am a big fan of rhymed couplets, too!

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