Cradle to Coffin

by Venkat

The world around
Tries hard to push
To pull you asunder
To make you fit
To their ideas
To their nature
To their happiness

Unable to bear
Unable to think
Unable to reconcile
Unsettled by change
Unnerved by you
Undone by difference
Unfounded fears

Few really share
Feel the need
Find a reason
Face up to your reality
Free up their mind
Fit not, you into them
Figure your ideas instead

Life turns out hard
Living a lonely life
Love, rarely real
Less mutual
Lost in this mismatch
Letting feelings take over
Lying in negativity

Passing these words by
Pained at the world
Perhaps I know now
Plain love is possible
Provided understood
Perfect fit, not the goal
Ponder hard on this fact

We are of same liquid
Widely different though
Water and milk, as can be
Wisdom lies in gathering
Ways we are different
Waste not the time
Wondering why

Cast by God’s spell
Creatures divergent
Capable in essence
Care for the contrast
Converge yet to a love
Come out of disillusion
Cradle to coffin


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