Valentine Miss

by graypoet

I start another day with thoughts of you
Leaving home I trip as something hits my shoe
Looking down I catch my breath with a start
It’s a pink quill, feathers shaped like a heart.

Walking to the car I hear the dog yelp and scat
Only to stop chasing and lay down with the cat
My thoughts return to you as my heart begins to race
Drawn away as I feel something fly by my face.

So many are happy but for me it seems to wait
I know that I’m older, but is it really too late
Change of my thought as I hear a sound like a bell
A new dent in my car and another quill where it fell.

Then I see, white red-tipped cane, frames of thick glass
My fat little cupid hardly able to fly by the size of his behind
My defective cupid, no wonder love eludes me, what can I say
I hope everyone else has a great Valentine’s Day.


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