That Song

by sc0pic

That song
That song
Frequency increasing
Taunts my waking hours
Taunts me in my sleep

That song
That song
That you and I both loved
Pulls me back on good days
Pulls my back to you

That song
That song
Antique warmth and grinding growls
Walking beat, harmonic howls
Cuts open every healing scar
Reminding me how far

That song, that marked our time
Guitar bodies shine
I can smell the amplifiers
The smoke, the strings, the wine

That song we once discovered
How eerily it matched
Every syllable and cymbal
Every chord and every crash

That song tied a rope to you
I uncoiled it as walked
It gets tighter every day
The rope, it slows my pace

When taught, it snaps in waves
Matching tempo, tone, and shape
I’ve walked for miles and miles
But never get away

I stopped listening to it though
Afraid to tell you so
Time to write a new song
Time to cut the rope

Image credit: Man Pulling a Rope- Rembrandt 1628

2 Comments to “That Song”

  1. I like it.

    Don’t forget about the “read more” button 🙂

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