The Lyre


I am the lyre
That sings all melodies

For every child,
There’s a sweet lullaby
For every lover,
There are songs of ecstasy
For every loss,
There are painful tunes.

I kiss each hand
I nurse each wound
I embrace one and all
Close to my breast
In the name of LOVE.

I am the keeper
Of memories old and lost
When no one even cares
To remember anymore
I’ll continue to sing
Those forgotten rhymes
So that every legacy
Can be honoured
And cherished.

I am the earth
That holds all life
In its purity and beauty
Every young bud
Until they all bloom
To hold their own grace.

I am the common ground
For all to stand strong
Reminding each one
To hold hands
And be united
In our hearts and minds.

I’d give my heart away
If it saves another,
I’d give up my life
If it feeds a dying baby,
Because this is the way
I was taught to love.

I bear the scars
For those I have loved
I cry the tears
For those who have lost love
Beyond yesterday and tomorrow
Lies here and now.

I will not do what I want
But what others need
This is the way
I was taught to Live
And Serve.

When my strings
Are old and weary
I’ll slip quietly into the dark
Careful not to disturb
The music of the youth
And resign myself
To the sounds of silence.

Who am I,
What am I,
And whom do I live for?

I, myself, don’t quite understand
But as a woman
I’ve moved from being a daughter,
To a sister, a wife, a mother,
And now, an ex-wife too.

I’ve learnt that even in death
Our work is never done
Because a mother’s love
Surpasses all time and space.

~ smt



5 Comments to “The Lyre”

  1. Beautifully said, Shirley. It is a constant in life.x

  2. Thank you, SS. I know that you know what I mean here 🙂

  3. OH this is Beautiful 🙂

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