Always Black and White?

by Venkat

Hunger of mind, strange
trying hard to reach an end
To make even light bend
form opinion to never change
Attempts to drill into life
to make all black and white
Relentless at what is in sight
be it in happiness or strife
Urge to go beyond the seen
to conclude with conviction
Ignoring what it may all mean
to feel without any sensation
A mind in attempts to self-anoint
makes no sense beyond a point


2 Comments to “Always Black and White?”

  1. A good question, Venkat . . .But you already know nothing is ‘black & white’ except for the old fashioned newspaper . . . The poet deals with ‘shades of gray’ at best; and our quest is for a destination that is found on no map, for a love that is beyond any relationship, for a truth that is deeper than any sea . . . Keep asking the question, my friend . . .
    Blessings . . .

  2. Thanks Peter for the thought! This one is a reflection of the people wanting to pick out things into black and white as I have seen. Thanks again for the insights.

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