this is where I dropped my pencil

by suicidallyanonymous

heil, hitler.
Staccato hearts march
dusted in lint,
towards the slaughterhouse
in our palms;
smoking grass stains
from the pleats
in our lungs

  [this stanza remembers
   the holocaust;
   steamed circumcised dicks,
   and a man with a gay
   upper lip that played

cut your teeth.
Syrupy cum trickles
into abrasive mouths
gargling hello,
as the notched abyss
grows mossy
with cancer.

 [pretty emo boys
  slit their wrists like
  a vignette whose numerals
  bled like a virgin:

rich bitch like Paris Hilton.
She’s an ugly kind
of beautiful,
like polygamy and
dementia love stories.
And he caresses her cheek
with hands of iron
and arteries of gold.

 [sex sex sex…
  this poem fucked a novel,
  like Bukowski
  and pucker-mouthed beer bottles].

Somebody tell him
that she’s a pillar of salt.

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One Comment to “this is where I dropped my pencil”

  1. Thank you SuAn, i could not remember your name:(

    Will you do your best to insert the “read more” and add the tags “poem and poetry”

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