Yogurt Cake – Didactic Poem

by Georgia

Poetry challenge: Didatic poem.

Yogurt Cake

Ah,  you liked my yogurt cake
It’s so easy for you to make
I’ll write for you my recipe
For a perfect bake!

You’ll need a jar of white yogurt
The jar you’ll use to  measure
2 of sugar 3 of flour
It’s easy you see,  a pleasure!

Now look at this:
Count down:  3,2, and 1
whole eggs, tablespoons of oil
and packet of baking powder…

Then you’ll need a pinch of salt
And you’ll grate in some lemon zest…

mixing cake

mixing cake

Add the sugar to the yogurt
Then slowly add the rest
Saving for the very last
The tangy lemon zest –

Stir and stir the mess around
‘Til the batter’s been well mixed
Put it in a non-stick pan,
Pop it then, into the oven,
Which will do for you the rest!

Bon Appetite!

Yogurt cake

Yogurt cake

(This recipe for Yogurt cake was given me by a friend  about 20 years ago.   Being an Italian recipe, as most of  mine are,  a couple of changes have had to be  made and an added explanation is required.  The yogurt should be the little plastic version either 124 or 150 grams.  In place of the zest I now use a teaspoon full of lemon extract.  A packet of baking powder is about 2 teaspoons full.  The oven must be preheated to 200°C…that’s 390°F… which seems a bit high to me so I’d try a little cooler oven maybe 350°.  It should take about 20 minutes or until a straw come out clean to bake it.)


5 Responses to “Yogurt Cake – Didactic Poem”

  1. What a great poem! And a recipe too! Brilliant! 😊

  2. YES! I love it! Now THAT’S a poetry challenge . . .
    Blessings . . .


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