With My Gaze Upon You

by Morgan

With my Gaze Upon You
When Time Pauses to turn the page,
Upon this Bleak, forgotten Stage
Like Light Glimmering from Afar
A Bright and Incandescent Star
Stretching from the Depths of Pain
To Shower down, like Glittering Rain
And I Stand, Apart, Alone, Again
Watching Angels as they Send
Blessings to Touch a Thousand Hearts,
Yet Waiting for You, My Soul Apart,
Then Time Gutters like the Candle, Burning,
Smoke and Shadows in Lessons, Learning,
Yet Hope Blazes on, Brazen and True,
Ever, Always, With my Gaze Upon You.

Beautiful Original artwork by:   moonchild-ljilja

6 Comments to “With My Gaze Upon You”

  1. very nice poem, morgan morgan . . . Thank you!
    Blessings . . .

  2. Lovely piece, another outstanding sonnet, I love it.

  3. Oh I love this poem ~ what a lovely thought that time could pause and let a glimmer of light through ~ sometimes this would be very helpful!

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