Burnt Midnight (in collaboration with Sky Lanterns & Kendo Poet)

by suicidallyanonymous

Beneath my eyelids
I am ugly
even in nakedness.
Calloused and vulnerable,
a raw replicate
of crooked lines
and potholes, filling
with the breath
of crusty love.

The night leaves a topsoil
of ecstasy to hide
time’s decaying wounds;
I am a plastic flower
on a wilted stem.
Don’t even say
the word

I am frayed
between cracks of infinite poverty;

there is sorrow
between edges of crooked murder;
hollow hearted.

Newspapers hatched
teenage martyrdom,
as tender reminiscent words
into the broken morning,

My lips are carved
from the gravel
of a hundred goodbyes-
I am mere jagged rock
blocking a gold vein.
Kiss me quick, or you’ll bleed.

And you did;
seeping into
the faces of uncertain death
spoken eloquently in the ache
[it’s all she had].

We killed the hum
of rescue.


One Comment to “Burnt Midnight (in collaboration with Sky Lanterns & Kendo Poet)”

  1. Thank you for your poem.

    You forgot to tick your name and for some reason i cannot find it or you in poets corner, when you tick it i will fix it.

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