Didactic Challenge: What Life Isn’t

by Venkat

Poetry challenge: Didatic poem.


It isn’t what was said
But what was not understood
It isn’t what was felt
But what was not observed

It isn’t what was thought
But what was not learned
It isn’t what was understood
But what was not performed

It isn’t what was observed
But what was not shared
It isn’t what was learned
But what was of no purpose

It isn’t what was performed
But what was not sought
It isn’t what was shared
But what was not taken

It isn’t what was purpose
But what was not right
It isn’t what was sought
But what was not loved

It isn’t what was taken
But what was not absorbed


3 Responses to “Didactic Challenge: What Life Isn’t”

  1. Well done, Venkat! Well done . . .


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