by russtowne


Learned a golden lesson

From a poppy of that hue

A powerful reminder

I’m here to share with you

California poppies

Don’t grow very tall

But I saw a golden beauty

Tower way above them all

Began beneath a big rose bush

It had to reach the light

A long way up through thorny limbs

Climbed undaunted by its plight

No matter what the obstacle

It grew right through them all

Do or die to reach the sky

It grew to three feet tall

Became a giant of its kind

Because it wouldn’t stop

Glowed in golden glory

When at last it reached the top

–Russ Towne

This poem depicts what I actually saw as I watered plants in my yard on a sunny day. I could hardly believe the sight when I saw a golden poppy glowing brightly atop about a 3-foot tall rose-bush. I’d never seen that type of poppy grow larger than about one-third or a quarter of that size. This poppy used its obstacles to accomplish something amazing, using the branches of the large bush to help support its thin and fragile stem as it raced for the sky and its life-giving light.

4 Comments to “Undaunted”

  1. I like it, this line is true of plants, “Do or die to reach the sky”

  2. Way to go, Russ!

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