Poetry: A Didactic Poem

by Peter Notehelfer
Peter Bakes Bread

Peter Bakes Bread

Poetry is much like baking bread.

Flour and water and yeast and salt

bread has basically the same ingredients

Mixed together in the proper proportions

and given a healthy time to rest and to rise

then bake in an appropriately hot oven

what you’ll get as a result will be bread

Bread can be made to taste sour

or it can be made to taste sweet

Now you can put the risen dough

in pans and create rectangular loaves

Or roll them into balls to make some buns

Simply leave it a round to get a peasant loaf

The form it takes is up to you It’s still bread!

Break it fresh from the oven with friends

and you will have a feast Or hoard it

in your pantry and it will grow stale

and moldy ’til you throw it out

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