Once Upon a Time There was Humanity…


Photo from SMT’s Travel Journals

Once upon a time

Humanity was seen

In every street corner

Parked at each lawn.

Conversations were conveyed

Face to Face

Letter were written

By loving hands.

As the world grows smaller

Our lives shrink along

Ways of the old

Make way for the new.

For now, please 

Hear my plea…

Turn off the screens,

Watch the flow of dreams

In each other’s eyes.

Shut down the devices,

Touch life’s most precious

As they become memories 

Most priceless.

Silence the noise,

But never the voice,

Listen to the music

Played from the heart,

Songs of love irreplaceable.


What dreams may craft,

How earth may move,

As the day slips into night,

We each are rightful stars

Whose light made history

Burst into life.

Let the sun and moon,

Bear witness

To the wonders of the human race –

Beauty in the mundane,

Magic in the ordinary,

 Our individual definition

Of happiness, love and perfection

Is the great artistry of LIFE.

~ smt


2 Comments to “Once Upon a Time There was Humanity…”

  1. Excellent, wistful, yearning and cautiously optimistic, love the last fourteen lines.

  2. Thank you very kindly, Beeseeker. I wrote the last 14 lines to remind myself to live in HOPE blissfully each day 😉

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