bittersweet between my teeth

by suicidallyanonymous

one wishbone for the ghosts to roll the dice,
We want to say hello
in prose with daisies
between our tendons,
to kill the sounds of rescue;
filling with anguish
[this is how we prove
our humanity].

and two loose-leaf lies like cabbage;
And I’m learning how
to pull untidy confessions
from the fine line
that is thin air.
Anorexic in taste,
but dissolving like iron
as it passes through
the harp strings
beneath the skin
of my eyelids.

now this time I’ll hold you closer, so that maybe
Crashing freely
into the guilty creatures,
they are saturated in
the impatient hunting
of ourselves.

you’ll love with your whole heart.
I want
to fill my molars
with your chest cavity;
pulling corrupted lungs
from beneath the fingers
of a broken toy soldier
[this is where
I fold into myself
and quietly die].

One Comment to “bittersweet between my teeth”

  1. Incredible! Beautifully done, and quite gripping. Very nice indeed!

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