On Breast Cancer

by Emily Page

I have no words to share your pain
Replaying your own again and again.
That this should happen now, to you
My heart is stopped, reset ’tis true.

Touched you could tell me
Your burden to share.
Now how to let you know
How very much I care?

How can I help you through this time?
What should I say to help you be strong?
Offer you tender words of support?
Or act as if nothing at all is wrong?

The times ahead will be hard for you
Your husband, son and family too.
And then there’s me and my little boy who,
Only just met you a few short months ago.

He loves your son like a brother,
Their bond it is strong,
Built from the nursery, their shared love of bricks
Though it hasn’t been long.

They introduced us, with their need to stay close
Their bond not the only one it seems.
Ours a friendship of caring
And sharing our hopes and our dreams.

I pray this invader won’t dash them,
But rebuild us both strong.
Will knit our lives for the better
When e’er the day’s long.

© Emily Page

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