Gone Fishing

by wordcoaster

I can be your invisible friend
And like a puppeteer you can pull my strings;
I’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear
That you and no one else can hear,
But you’ll hear no other voice–
That choice was just made clear.

I’ll wear a straight jacket
So even you won’t know what’s up my sleeve,
Though it’s obviously not my heart;
I leave it out to rust,
As if dragged by limousine:
These cans all make a racket,
Wines pour freely to each glass,
The drunk starts getting crass–
Tear this rhyme apart
Like a scheme uncooked,
Rain it down on a happy pair:
She’s got him hooked
With her lines,
Now he’s sunk.
Look closely at the tinted window screen

Step back and ponder what you’ve seen:
Are they really carefree?
Or trapped in shadowed scheme?
It’s me that you can trust–
The end justifies the mean;
Weave a net and catch a dream.

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