For Carlo, A Dear Friend

by Georgia


The first time I saw your eyes,
After her funeral
There was the void she’d left,
That dark cloud of grief,
Which we all said would pass
For we felt that,
All time heals sadness.

But, she was your sun,
Alas now set.
Months have  passed,
And you’ve become spent
No sun rises for you,
There is no light at dawn.

And your smile…
Which brightened our days
Is now darkend,
Like an unlit moon…
Your sun has gone,
Has risen no more.
Your smile has no light to give.

Now when we meet,
Each time you say sadly,
“My bride is dead.”
and then you repeat:
“They say the pain passes,
But it never goes away.”

My heart grows heavy,
For we rarely meet,
You are a ghost now,
Someone I cannot touch.
You my dearest friend,
Have entered the tomb,
With your dead bride’s corpse.

For my dear friend Carlo…who’s smile has eclipsed.


5 Comments to “For Carlo, A Dear Friend”

  1. Reblogged this on Bastet and Sekhmet's Library and commented:

    This poem was born from a prompt, but was too restricted so I re-wrote it for the Poet’s Corner…have a look if you lke…

  2. Now *that’s* perfect. A lovely sad epitaph for a beautiful love.

    • Yes, I have to agree…the prompt of course was good for inspiration but the limitation wasn’t what this poem wanted. Thanks Barb, I probably would have not written this without your first comment 😉

  3. Its hard to write about a death, i have a poem here to my daughter which was hard.

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