Song title poem

by Apurva

Song title poem: Poetry challenge.

Sparks fly,

when I see you smile,



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Beautiful eyes,

Crazy sexy wild,

If this were a movie,

I must be running on sunshine!


Listen to your heart,

Do you know

I’m all yours,

Right from the start?


This ain’t no life,

You know I love you,

Everything’s gonna be alright,

I’d lie,

to be with you,

I’m alive,

only for you.

I like how it feels,

I will always love you,


As long as you love me!

© Apurva


Sparks fly- Taylor swift

when I see you smile- ‘Bad English’

enchanted- Taylor swift

mesmerised- Faith Evans

Beautiful Eyes- Taylor swift

Crazy sexy wild- Inna

If this were a movie- Taylor swift

I must be running on sunshine- performed by Jesus Jackson, written by Roland Clark, sharon Esther Woolf, quentin Leo Cook.

Darlin- Avril

Listen to your heart- Roxette

I’m all yours- Jay sean

Right from the start- Earl Thomas Conley

Escape- Enrique

This ain’t no life- Pilot speed

You know I love you- Tina turner

Everything’s gonna be alright- Enrique

I’d Lie- Taylor swift

to be with you- Mr. Big

I’m alive- celine dion

only for you- six part invention

I like how it feels- Enrique

I will always love you- Whitney houston

Maybe- Enrique

As long as you love me- Backstreet boys


4 Comments to “Song title poem”

  1. Love this 🙂 I entirely relate!

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