A “New Year” Limerick

by Joel Kravitz

2013 is in the rear view mirror and now we are moving down Highway 2014. Despite all the technology available and traditional navigation methods, moving through time still happens without a GPS or even a map. We may have some idea of where we want to go and how we think we may be able to get there, but reality has a way of tossing up detours and roadblocks we never see coming.

2013 was a very interesting year for. It began with my being two months into a new marriage. I am good at being a husband and I have a wonderful wife. As I have said many times before, she knows me and gets me…and she still loves me. I am one very lucky man. At the beginning of the year, we invested in our future together by selling my house and turning that into two rental properties that are good performing assets for us. Now I am a landlord and that has potential.

Then things started to turn down a bit. I learned I had a non life threatening but serious health issue that required two major surgeries and left me marginally disfigured. That should be resolved this spring. However, I lost my job due to it and it has been impossible for me to find a new job. But dealing with that led down a path to Social Security where I found out I was eligible for survivor benefits from my late wife and that cushioned the blow of unemployment. My wife has been very tolerant with me about this. She knows that it is hard to interview when you are missing half your lower teeth. She is also happy to have me available to do her “honey do” lists and take care of the houses. Again, I am a lucky guy.

So despite losing my job, half my lower teeth and twenty two pounds (which is a good thing), I never lost my sense of humor…and that led to this…

I have become a successful bum.
Hey, I’m not stupid, just a little bit dumb.
I’ve got a hard working wife
And I’m the love of her life….
I’m sure that the best is yet to come!

One Comment to “A “New Year” Limerick”

  1. Kudos and continuation with the great spirit, luck and love!

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