Song Title Poem Challenge: Just Instinct

by Venkat

Song titles: Poetry challenge.

Following is a poem of song titles of my favorite musician – Mark Knopfler. Thanks Harry for this fun challenge 🙂

Don’t you get it
Darling pretty
Today is okay
We can get wild
In a secret place
Just one time
Let it all go
Why worry
Guide my sword
This is us
Romeo and Juliet
True love will never fade

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7 Responses to “Song Title Poem Challenge: Just Instinct”

  1. Great artist…Hall of fame guitar player! You have good taste. 😉

  2. Lovely Venkat and it all works.

  3. He’s just brilliant. I don’t know much on this solo pieces but mostly from Dire Straits. Everything has a good flow, really neat!


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