by Karen

I met a girl the other day

To her I asked,

“What is your most fervent wish?”

She looked at me, puzzled.

“Whatever do you mean?”

said she


“There must be one thing in your life

That you wish for more than any other?”

I replied


She paused in silence for some time

studying my worried brow

A smile slowly lit her eyes


“Do you not know?”

said she,

in a whisper upon my ear,

“That you have already been provided

with all the tools required

to fulfill your wishes.

You need only learn how to use them”

And laughing, she skipped into the misty morning light.



I cried,

“How do I learn?”

The morning breeze sighed

in answer,


Follow your heart.

The journey is the lesson.

And look upon your soul

To find what you have learned.



Copyright © 040114 by Karen Payze

Also published on 1000 Words

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