When You Are In Me

by Venkat

When you express fear
I feel my spine shiver
Twitching me far and near
Scarring me as a lava river

When you are in grief
I have my heart in eyes
Though death be brief
My soul goes where yours lies

When you sigh depressed
I drown in silence of ocean
Feel my blood frozen, stressed
Turning blank, no emotion

When you ride on happiness
Waves of joy trickle in my heart
Dancing to tunes of lightness
Conjoined in your every part

When you enter doors of guilt
I stand still, motionless
Blaming the way I was built
Cursing myself senseless

When you hide in shame
I hang myself by the neck
Feeling sorry for my name
Erase myself into a speck

When you let your spirit free
I become a wind of energy
Finding you inside me
Feel the earth, heavenly


2 Comments to “When You Are In Me”

  1. Really cool writing!

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