Faith In Few Words

by Venkat

Faith is to believe for sure
For an answer in front of eyes
To hold on with a heart pure
Till the blindfolds rise

Faith is to believe in existence
Of a deep starving need
To dissociate from physical sense
Till you reach the seed

Faith is to believe in oneness
In the material we are made
To see our nature eternal, formless
Till the body and mind fade

Faith is to believe in our connection
A universe within oneself
To feel the pain of other’s emotion
Till you see others in yourself

Faith is to believe in dis-connectedness
Between each other
To create, destroy or maintain with fairness
Till you find cycles of pain, pleasure

Faith is to believe in forces superior
Which motivate to pursue
To move on, discover and uncover
Till you see false from true

2 Comments to “Faith In Few Words”

  1. Thank you, Venkat! I put together all you suggested and found myself saying ‘Faith is love!’
    You’ve given us all a great gift! Blessings . . .

    • Thanks Peter. It brings joy to share words coming fresh from mind. I mean the thoughts are too young and written as and when I relook at myself in relation to the world around.

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