A “Christmas Gift Faux Pas” Limerick – Christmas Poetry Challenge

by Joel Kravitz

Christmas poem: Challenge.

I could have been the victim of a Christmas gift faux pas had I not told my beloved wife about this gift while we were shopping on Black Friday. The gift was an old fashioned stove top popcorn maker with a crank handle. My late wife bought one these for my daughter (it had to be eight to ten years ago) and my daughter uses it all the time and absolutely loves it. She says it makes perfect popcorn every time with minimal unpopped kernels.

Lo and behold, one was under the tree for me on Christmas morn and I couldn’t have been more pleased to see it. There is a lot of football to be played in the next couple of weeks and both my wife and I received dvds of movies and television shows. Watching those things is greatly enhanced by fresh hot popcorn.

This morning the wife told me she was going grocery shopping today and I asked to see the list. One of the items was popcorn seasoning. When I saw this, I asked about it as I am just a salt guy. She smiled broadly and told me about all the wonderful flavors she could be adding to her popcorn and then it hit me. She bought the popcorn maker for herself and justified the purchase under the guise of a gift for me (since I quasi asked for it). And it was a cooking device, which I am banned from buying for me or for her! My first thought, AIN’T LOVE GRAND and it led to this:

A Christmas gift faux pas did occur,
And if I did it, it would have ruffled her fur.
When she bought popcorn seasoning,
My deductive reasoning….
Concluded the Whirly-Pop was for her!

2 Responses to “A “Christmas Gift Faux Pas” Limerick – Christmas Poetry Challenge”

  1. How lovely is that 😀


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