Naughty or Nice

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

Christmas Poem: Challenge

sonnet 9

“Ho, Ho, Ho!” he shouts each and every year,

as he flies round the world spreading good cheer

with gifts large and small, regardless of price,

whilst pulled through the air by his eight reindeer.

He has spent months reading, not once, but twice

his lengthy list of who’s naughty and nice.

You don’t want to find coal waiting for you,

so settle down here, and take my advice.

Look inside your heart, be honest and true,

Forgive and forget grudges overdue,

reunite with long lost loved ones, make the time,

then you’ll be on his ‘nice’ list through and through.

I sing “Ho, Ho, Ho!” as I pour the wine

for friends and family I love to call mine.


The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 9

Malaysian Sonnet 

This sonnet form was developed by Jose Rizal M. Reyes of the Philippines and having seen several sonnets using this form it is only fitting that it is included here. 
Basically it follows the English form, but with a background of Spanish was able to use a consistent rhyme easier, and similarly Malaysians would have no problems ether. 
It has a rhyme scheme of:

.. a. a. b. a. . . b. b. c. b. . . c. c. d. c. . . d. d.

You can find the other Sonnets of Christmas here on Poet’s Corner by my archive or you can visit my blog.

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