Bah Humbug

by graypoet

Christmas poem: Challenge.


Quiet moments watching the snow fall
Thinking of times past and days yet to be
We mold our future by the days gone by
Like most, I think of those close to me.

With the season upon us, we stop to think
I’ve never been one given to holiday cheer
Lost are the reasons for the celebrated days
It just gets more commercial, year after year.

Gone are the joys of seeing young open a gift
Surprise and excitement upon each little face
Younger and younger the only feelings shared
For each gadget, a newer one must take its place.

We’ve lost family values and the sense to care
It seems that satisfaction must now be bought
Gone are the days we made each other gifts
A reminder of things no longer being taught.


4 Responses to “Bah Humbug”

  1. Thank you for putting so many of my feelings into words . . .

  2. This is so very true. Thankfully I have a few family members and friends who are not at all like this and are very creative. One of my friends wrote out the lyrics of her Mum’s favourite song onto a plain white mug, decorated it, then filled it with chocolate and marshmallows. I was amazed 😀

  3. Yes, there’s much sadness, and artificially manufactured cheer; and all the noble truth and goodness tend to get lost in the shuffle of crowds, and torn paper Christmas morn. We have a choice where we put our focus.


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