Christmas Alone

by Kerrie Ann Salsac

Christmas Poem : Challenge

Sonnet 3

It’s a cold winters night, I’m all alone.

Wandering down the high street, I wonder

about the friends and family I’ve known.

Where are they now? All huddled together?

All warm inside, whilst I’m left asunder,

traipsing through snow in such ruthless weather?

Why am I out here, when  I miss them so?

The crackling fire, the sparkling tree,

all together, made for a happy glow.

I shake my hands, my fingers have gone numb.

My feet brought me here,  it’s their door I see.

I resist at first, but then I succumb.

It’s a cold winters night, I’m all alone.

Why am I out here, when I miss them so?


The Twelve Sonnets of Christmas

Day # 3

Cornish Sonnet 

At the same time as travelers were influencing the courts and introducing the sonnet form to England, France and Spain, traders in the southern ports of England were also bringing in their own forms of poetry. These forms consisted of hybrid poetry influenced by those Arab traders who plied their trade with the ports along the Mediterranean and the tin mines of Cornwall. It is only natural that they would come into contact with the sonnet form and in time come up with a fusion of that form. This sonnet form is similar to the hybrid poetry that emerged from that part of the world.

The form consists of two, three couplets stanzas and a refrain made up of the first or last line of each stanza.

A. b. a. c. b. c…. D. e. d. f. e. f…. A. D.

You can find the other Sonnets of Christmas here on Poet’s Corner by visiting my archive, or you can visit my blog.


8 Responses to “Christmas Alone”

  1. Another nice one Kerrie, don’t forget the read more 🙂


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