Gingerbread Men (acrostic)

by Caddo

Christmas poem: challenge.

gingerbread-men-october-2013-005(Joyful Thanks to Christine Moran who inspired this poem and supplied the photo!)

G ingerbread men—Can’t eat ‘em, they’re friends! But fingers are
I tching, inching toward plate. I glance around, and before it’s too late, a
N od, it seems, from a little brown head; and a
G inger-y grin (perhaps smirk, instead)—look! Surely a wink of snapping black
E ye! “You’ve caught me,” I whisper. “INDEED! I did spy—these are not
R aisins, NO, much keener currants! Now, plump Aunty Toad, I
B eg you, give answer: WHY would you spitefully fancy a bite??
R eply, dear girl, quickly! WHY nibble my toes, or
E ven my mitts, for these woes aren’t hands—no thumbs, fingertips….
A right then, Be Kind—just small taste of shoulder—my feet are for
D ancing with Sugar Plum Fairies. Though, dear me, as each year sadly grows older,

M y baked heart beats slower. And see how I ramble? I’m far better off
E aten!” “Oh, stop all the drama, woebegone wallowing—you’ll be Pity Sauce! I
N e’er would consider such holiday crime. True, you waft spice-delicious, but God keep you in sweetness….it’s ~~Christmastime.

©Caddo J Veil, 2013

17 Responses to “Gingerbread Men (acrostic)”

  1. Marvelous, delicious fun! Thank you for sharing this poetic plateful with us, Caddo!

  2. Oh yummy! You did a really beautiful job here Caddo!

  3. Caddo! Thank you thank you thank you again! I have a Xmas tree cutter too. I think I will have another go! Catch my fingers as I slice them off!

    Theo and all the others will love this gingerbread men story!

    Hs qnd Ss full of gingery love

  4. Wonderful Caddo, a lot of thought in it.

  5. Love it! I love acrostic poetry…don’t stumble upone it enough.


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