Christmas cheer,poem.

by Harry

Christmas poem: challenge.

Christmas cheer

comes once a year

kids jumping on your bed

just as Santa has got to bed

down opening presents

when you just want your bed

then all that rich food to devour

not forgetting liquids as well

lost sleep for days before

whacked catering for  all the family

after dinner you just want a rest

get your feet up, watch TV

no chance, you’ve to play with the kids

build this, build that

show me this, show me how

its getting late, but still they play

maybe to-morrow

they’ll sleep all day

Thank God Christmas

only comes once a year.


8 Responses to “Christmas cheer,poem.”

  1. Just read this out to my mum because this is her through and through 🙂
    She also thinks it’s very good! So consider this two likes haha

  2. Great one Harry. We will be shattered! 😊


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