The Envelope – Free Write Friday prompt

by graypoet

You have chosen to open this envelope
You see that I left it purposely behind
I hope all the words that you now read
Give you a glimpse into my frame of mind.

The day that we met was one very special
Pain the turned into such a blessing too
For two hearts truly became three that day
As your Mother and I were introduced to you.

I’ve watched you grow from that crying bundle
Into a woman to with children of your own
With unexpected losses we’ve shared already
You’ve taken up a path without being shown.

There are so many things that I already said
Undoubtedly still things I should have done
But I know you’ve never lacked from my feelings
From joyous to helpless, from depressing to fun.

Now my legacy shall move on from this time
I’ve shared whatever wisdom I might have had
Your children given values to honor the name
Now the rest is up to you, All my love, Dad.

Prompted by Kellie’s Free Write Friday prompt, visit her blog to see some great writers.




2 Responses to “The Envelope – Free Write Friday prompt”

  1. Oh wow, a heart-grabber indeed.


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