by journeyintopoetry



She doesn’t wear it well,

it doesn’t suit, not her style;

some things just make you look old.

But she hadn’t read the small print –

no refund available,

exchange maybe, if unworn.

There’s plenty she would change;

freedom to walk her dog for a start,

spontaneous trips out by herself,

baking those delicate pastry things.

It’s too late now,

she’s worn it for too long,

but she still doesn’t wear it well.

16 Comments to “Disability”

  1. And I think so many of our disabilities are those not of the body but of the heart . . . Thank you!

    • Thanks Peter. And yes on top of the physical there are those of the heart. I have enough dealing with the physical I think but they do seem to overlap or are interlinked, and you have given me food for thought. So thank you too! 😊

      • I love Peter’s words, Chris–as truly, it’s the disabilities of the heart which have impacted my life greatly; those of others around me, and my own. Very wise words. And you too, are so full of wisdom–as well as grace, generous love and gratitude, courage, and that indomitable spirit full of humor. If only we could bottle it, we could give it as gifts to those who are without! I love you, and I’m holding you tight in my heart–hugs and smoochies, Caddo.

      • Thank you Caddo and you know I hold you tight in my heart too. We were brought together for a reason Im going nowhere, Im with you all the way. Big hugs and smoochies.

  2. Lovely poem, i think if you have an illness it reflects on the mind a lot and can cause more problems

  3. Its hard to wear something well when you did not chose to wear it. I felt your pain, and mine in your verse

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