Advent Journey

by Peter Notehelfer

All the characters

of the Christmas Story

move toward home now

Sleepy Judean Shepherders

Inkeepers & Angel`Choirs

Road`ridden Wise`Men

Cows Camels & Sheep

Even Turtle`Doves

In the distance

if you look carefully

you’ll see the Holy`pair

He tall with the long stride

She young & Child`heavy

astride her sturdy ass

All moving south

toward home

The Crèche

stands empty

Incomplete until

all the characters come

Even the Mohawk`d kid

coming in on United

Even the un`fanged

Vampire maid

Not till then

will we see them

all as God sees them

For the moment they

all seem so insignificant

But on that Holy`night

they’ll be Holy when

Jesus comes Home!


One Comment to “Advent Journey”

  1. Oh my goodness, this has my heart hushed and on its knees.

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