Warrior with angel wings

by Harry
Posted for,  Ally Timber

Make me dream again, make it save for me to go to sleep,
I know as long as you are there guardian of my mind, evil will not enter,
because from the beginning I knew you were an angel,
I can see you are hooked, and there is no turning back..
I run through your veins, hot as fire,
you are the last piece of my puzzle and wow it feels good…
Soft is your skin against mine, breath again close to my ear,
it’s like that one perfect song, that gives you that pleasure in your soul,
and makes you close your eyes,
and you can feel it running all over your body,
that one song that makes u truly happy even if it’s just a short moment,
because in that short time, u went places..
You might have that power of the perfect
song that makes my heart skip a beat.
And makes me feel so good.
It’s too late for you, to hide your heart,
I have already poisoned your every part of what you are made of and ,
you cannot get away or break loose,
but why would I chain you up when you are addicted just from one little taste,
that I am your skin and when your hands make there way to my skin
with so much softness and yet you can at the same time be a warrior with angel wings.
I want to be your best friend and your lover, your addiction, for I am a bad girl,
and you don’t know it yet, but I have al ready stolen your heart and I am so not giving it back

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