by Venkat

As the earth spins around

Feelings atop a velvet moon

Speaking to sensations unbound

In the cosmos of God’s tune

I slip into another universe

Wearing one more pretension

Yet with my fears I traverse

Holding my scattered emotion

Trying to grip my self-image

As water in a hand’s clasp

The root of my rage

Seems forever out of grasp

A constant self-image to the eye

Morphs to a fragile glass

How long can I pretend and lie?

At every crossroad I pass

Mind’s invention of self

Cannot be written on rock

It expires in moments at the shelf

With only myself to mock

Until I accept the fool in me

Or the heavenly wisdom within

I cannot untangle, be blame free

Or from traps of self-image, win

© Venkat


10 Comments to “Self-Acceptance”

  1. Thank you for the thoughtful, self-reflective, and honest poem, Venkat! It moved me . . .

  2. so am I supposed to be the bridge?

  3. have I won yet, because I want to win.

  4. its the Irish in my veins, non?

  5. The 3rd stanza especially intrigued me.

  6. Well done. I especially like the self analysis, or de-construction to resolve on that personal truth. Nice.

  7. Thanks for your thoughts. Many times I find thoughts get clarified better during the process of writing.

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