Monorhyme – Help Inspire

by graypoet

Poetry challenge: Monoryhme poem.

What lessons do we require
Should we even try to aspire
As a knight to his loyal squire
Others look at us and inquire.

Not a task from which we retire
At times conditions may be dire
Slowing us as if we’re in a mire
Til something again sets us afire.

Never should we be thought a liar
Any hint of it should bring our ire
For if others we can try to inspire
Help them reach a little bit higher.

Nothing special to we require
To give others a hope and desire
It helps us a peaceful heart acquire
And maybe others a role to admire.


11 Responses to “Monorhyme – Help Inspire”

  1. Do you know this is for this months poetry challenge?

  2. I’m amazed at how well you and some others have done with this challenge–the longer, “meatier” ones especially. I managed a short one only.

  3. I removed the two comments, she has been going around posts knocking them and making bad comments.


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