Sugar Clouds and Cotton Candy

by dianarasmussen

After years of abuse, trying to cope
She gave into the dark, gave up on Hope
They said she had split personalities
accusing voices brought fatality

Sara doesn’t live here anymore
She’s up makin’ snow angels
Sugar clouds and cotton candy
are raining down in Heaven

We met her alters, loved her more each day
“Buckle up, fasten your seat belts,” she’d say
“It’s gonna be a wild and bumpy ride”
It’s hard to believe she’s gone, death by suicide

Dedicated to Sara
©2013 Diana Rasmussen

10 Comments to “Sugar Clouds and Cotton Candy”

  1. Oh, that is heartbreaking.

  2. i alws thought if i ever cud i would ask my dad, “why did u do it..?”.. i will always regret not being a good enough option to hold him make him want to live…
    Sara, i hope you are in a much better place now..i hope now when you go to sleep, you don’t wet your pillow with your tears and you play with sugar clouds and cotton candy.

    • Amen Ankita. Only God knows the pain that they have carried and He has promised to wipe away every tear from their eyes. No more sorrow, no more tears. May God continue to heal your beautiful heart as only He can. (((hugs))) Diana

      • thank you Diana… I take refuge in the thought that my mother probably was in a lot more pain.. but today she is one of the most happy and beautiful person I know.. so if she could let go and embrace life..I can too… we have each other… 🙂 …

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