Desperately Seeking Clarisse (Monorhyme)

by tjtherien

Oh guide me bright and brilliant light of Polaris
Deliver me from Maggido Via Maris
That I may kneel at the feet of the heiress
Caretaker of the heart of calcified sclerous
She waits for me beneath moon and star on the terrace

That we may elope as did Helen and Paris
The consequences be damned I could not care-less
If I must walk through Hell and breath fume noxious and ferrous
I will find my dream lover and know her caress
I will find the rare and beautiful Clarisse…


13 Comments to “Desperately Seeking Clarisse (Monorhyme)”

  1. absolutely beautiful TJ

  2. Oh WOWZA WOW–this is fabulous!!

  3. I can feel the desire, the hope… so nicely done.

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