Legacy of US (Monorhyme Sonnet)

by tjtherien

Poetry challenge: Monoryhme.

The legacy of man’s lust for gold
Is one that is countless ages old
Ever since very first wheel rolled
Bridges were built then they were tolled
Creating capitalistic mold
To multiply wealth a hundredfold
Money monopolized and controlled

Tracks of land purchased world and wold
And rented at the current threshold
Furthermore if the truth is to be told
You will have to buy heat when you’re cold
While winter boots need to be re-soled
And fuel costs increase manifold
That’s how the American Dream is sold


9 Responses to “Legacy of US (Monorhyme Sonnet)”

  1. Superb: message and rhyme!
    Hooked from the bridges in line 4.

  2. I think this is my favourite type of Sonnet. Wonderfully crafted Tim!

  3. Wonderful TJ, i think thats the best one yet.


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