Until Then- Sonnet VIIII

by Morgan

Until Then
Oh Love that will not rest nor be silent,
In Silence standing reckless Upon the Shore,
Cheating All my Longing with your Lament,
Leaving me Yearning, More and More.
Dividing me from All my Sense
When Judgment knows full well β€˜Tis Naught,
Nature will claim its Recompense
When in Your Love my Heart is Caught.
Then Shadow will Cast its Golden Light,
And Thunder in Symphony Shall Play,
Spinning my World From Wrong to Right,
From Dismal Squalor to Lush Bouquet.
One Glance, One Word, One Kiss From You,
Until Then, There is Nothing I can Do.

Beautiful Original Artwork by:Β  gracy4-widy at deviantart.com

11 Comments to “Until Then- Sonnet VIIII”

  1. Reblogged this on Allytimberwolf's Blog and commented:
    Singing to my soul…

  2. Oh I love this! The words just flow straight to the soul….

  3. Another beauty my friend! Beautiful rhythm and classical feel. Very nice indeed!

  4. Lovely–and though I don’t write many sonnets, I do write on the same theme often.

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