Must We ? – Monorhyme Poem

by beeseeker

Poetry challenge: Monoryhme.

Must we all be liars, shivering, afraid

In the beds we made?

The pasts we trade?

The present a pleasant, coffee-hit parade;

While constantly we fail to make the grade;

Desperately praying that alcohol and lemonade,

 A hastily-applied temporary Band-Aid;

Passing, on and on, a homemade

Loathing-and-fear hand grenade

Will sufficiently damage the Tomorrow Barricade?


5 Responses to “Must We ? – Monorhyme Poem”

  1. Wowza–5-Star work.

  2. Thank you all,
    rhyming is not my usual M.O.
    so really pleased that you found something good in this one.
    Best wishes.


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