Sentinel of Life: Monorhyme Challenge

by Morgan

Sentinel of Life

Deliberate Orb, Shining Bright,
Celestial Vessel of Shimmering Light,
In Mid Winter, What a Wondrous Sight,
Oh! How You Delight!
Without You there is Primal Fright,
In the Dark of Enigmatic Night,
Uncertain Depth and width and Height,
To Stumble o’re in Our Plight!
Ever Guarding us in Your Might,
Every Morning How You Excite,
Enticing Poets their words to Write,
Their Passions to Ignite!
Purposeful Heavenly Shimmering Knight,
Sentinel of Life, Setting Dreams Alight!




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9 Responses to “Sentinel of Life: Monorhyme Challenge”

  1. Well done. night owl 🙂

  2. nicely done – “purposeful heavenly shimmering knight”… nice… I will refer to him as “Sir Sol” from now on… 🙂


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